Electronic Vaulting Solutions

Saves time, money and helps you recover more quickly in the event of a disaster.

Online Digital Back-up


Powerful data compression technology allows large amounts of business data to be transferred at high speed of business data to be transferred at high speed over a variety of common communications links including ADSL, SDSL, Private, Ethernet & IP-VPN circuits.


Military strength (448-bt) data encryption provides over-the-wire data protection ensuring all business data is securely protected at all times during the electronic transfer process.

On receipt of your data, all information is permanently encrypted into your data silos using high security crypto keys. The crypto key is known only to your organization and provides you with exceptional levels of data security and protection.

All Data Highway services are delivered to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards and our Data Centre services conform to the ISO 27001 Information Security standards. ITIL accredited service delivery managers complete the cycle of quality to ensure that the organization receives a first class service delivered to International Standards.

Find here more information about this service.

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