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Data Breaches Bring Back Failed Legislation From the Dead

Sen. Leahy and Rep. Bono Mack are pushing separate bills that would punish slow disclosure of data breaches. Versions of both bills failed earlier.

By John Adams

Public fallout from the data breaches that have affected Citigroup and other large enterprises in and out of finance in recent weeks has reached the political push back stage, with both Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.) hoping the events will breathe new life into data protection legislation that’s failed in the past. Read more…


Hillingdon council warned about online data storage

AN IT expert has warned Hillingdon Council against storing residents data online.

Data could be stored online by the local authority as part of plans to join the latest technological revolution.

Cloud storage has become the latest trend, and allows people or companies to store data on the internet.

Hillingdon Council is investigating taking up the solution, but have been warned off by an Uxbridge based IT expert, who feels the technology is under-researched and still prone to hackers.

Paul Grimshaw, who runs Totally Techy, in Uxbridge High Street, said: “For me personally, knowing Hillingdon, I wouldn’t be happy with them doing this.

“I wouldn’t recommend it, it is new technology, and needs a few more years.

“Recently Amazon had their cloud storage hacked into, and customer details were exposed, and already people are starting to shrink away from it. Read more…

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