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James Bellini: Life in the cloud will mean data breaches

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

This article was taken from the October 2011 issue of Wired magazine.

The first myth about cloud computing: despite the hype, the cloud is nothing new. Back in 1961, futurists such as John McCarthy were talking of “computation as a utility”; the first definition of “cloud computing” is credited to Ramnath Chellappa in a Dallas lecture over 14 years ago. And if you accept today’s industry concept of “a dynamically provisioned resource driven by user demand”, then early steam-driven mainframes were cloud personified. They still are: surveys show most mainframe executives see their big iron as a key part of future cloud plans.

What is different is the sheer size of the future-data challenge. The best analogy is electricity. In The Big Switch, Nicholas Carr says that in 1900 the US boasted over 50,000 private power plants, supplying countless factories and mills. Then some bright guys at Edison created a public electric grid that all could plug into — and the economics of business were transformed.

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Are we turning a blind eye to the data retention issue?

As some 20 internet companies, including Google, eBay and Facebook, file a complaint with the highest judicial body in France against a decree obliging them to keep users’ personal data for a year, why hasn’t there been a similar hue and cry in Ireland, where such data has to be retained for up to two years?

French Association of Internet Community Services (ASIC) is bringing the case before the State Council of France. Read more…

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