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The Importance of Records Management

by: BMA Editorial Team A


Records management is a highly important part of a business. It may not be as glamorous or exciting as many of the other facets, but depending on the type of information a business deals in, the loss of records held by the business could mean a potential data protection breach, which could end up very financially damaging to a business. Therefore records management is important in the smooth-running of a company.

Records management can present a number of problems; should a business move all records on to computers to be stored? But what if the computers are destroyed in an accident such as a fire?

Many companies offer online records management for situations like this, this means if anything goes wrong at your end; your networks fall foul of a virus, or the premises suffers fire damage or something similar, everything will be backed up and safe.

This kind of service you will need to pay a fee for. Another kind of service for records management is that if you already have information and data recorded onto tapes or video, or any other kind of media, yet have limited space in which to store these, or are not confident in the security of the premises you have, you can employ the services of a records management company which will store these records for you.

This is beneficial in circumstances such as if there were to be a disaster which damaged your premises and all of your records were destroyed. A records management company can take all of your highly important recordings and secure them somewhere for you.

A good, secure company will typically have all of the latest security technology in place including secure vaults that are fire and heat resistant for a number of hours, early smoke-detection systems, full CCTV monitoring, good alarm systems as well as gas suppression systems which protect against fire.

Most firms will let businesses access their records within the same day of them requesting to do so, and ease of access importance will of course be dependent on the nature of the business you run.

It’s possible to employ the services of such a company for managing your paper records too. Many businesses have literally decades’ worth of paper documents which take up valuable space within a business premises, and a lot of the time it is economically viable to have these kept safe elsewhere, freeing up space for other use, and protected from any damage that could occur in your own building.

Source: http://records-management.bestmanagementarticles.com/

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